Interesting Irish Wolfhound Books



Fiction books about Wolfhounds

Finn The Wolfhound - A J Dawson

Wolf A Range Dgg - Thomas C Hinkle

Boru - J Allan-Dunn

Jan - A dog Romance - A J Dawson


The Irish Wolfhound Guide - Alfred De Quoy

Irish Wolfhound Companions of the Past - Julie Hughes

Raising, Showing and Breeding The Irish Wolfhound - Elizabeth Murphy

The Complete Irish Wolfhound (3rd edition) - Alma J Starbuck

The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound - Mary McBryde The Irish Wolfhound,

A short historical sketch - Phyllis Gardner

The Irish Wolfdog Edmund Hogan, S.J. (1897) and The Irish Wolfhound Capt Graham (1879 - Reprinted from the Original Editions by The Irish Wolfhound Club of America and The Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland. 1972.

The New Complete Irish Wolfhound - Joel Samaha

He Whacked The Bloody Lot - Bill Siggers (a book about the Rank Kennels who had both Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds - a very interesting book).

The Irish Wolfhound World of Dogs - Linda Gover

The Irish Wolfhound Great Symbol of Ireland - John A.K. Donovan

The Irish Wolfhound - A Collection of Photographs and Pedigrees, Ireland & UK 1950-1990. - Elizabeth C. Murphy

My life with Irish Wolfhounds - John D Lewington