Irish Wolfhound Books

If you would like to know more about this wonderful breed, the following books are some of those available:

  1. deQuoy, Alfred. The Irish Wolfhound Guide.
  2. deQuoy, Alfred. The Irish Wolfhound in Competition
  3. deQuoy, Alfred. The Irish Wolfhound saga.
  4. Donovan, John A K. You and your Irish Wolfhound.
  5. Donovan, John. The Irish Wolfhound, Great Symbol of Ireland
  6. Gardner, Phylis. The Irish Wolfhound (reproduction by E. Murphy, l98l)
  7. Gordon, John. The Irish Wolfhound
  8. Gover, Linda.  The Irish Wolfhound
  9. The Irish Wolfhound by Capt Graham and The Irish Wolfdog by Father Hogan (combined in one hardbound volume and reprinted for the Irish Wolfhound Club of America)
  10. Hudson, D E S. The Brabyns handbook on Irish Wolfhounds.
  11. Killykeen Doyle, A.  A Discussion of the Irish Wolfhound
  12. Lewington, John.  My Incredible Journey with Irish Wolfhounds.
  13. McBryde, Mary. The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound
  14. Murphy, Elizabeth C. The Irish Wolfhound. A collection of photographs and pedigrees. Ireland and UK 1950-1990.
  15. Murphy, Elizabeth C. Raising, Showing and Breeding the Irish Wolfhound.
  16. Pisano, Beverly. Irish Wolfhounds.
  17. Samaha, Joel. The new complete Irish Wolfhound.
  18. Starbuck, Alma J.The complete Irish Wolfhound.


Hard to get hold of, but interesting reading on two influential kennels:

  1. Heal, Robert.  Bill Siggers. He whacked the bloody lot (Ouborough)
  2. Somerfield, Ferelith. Mission Accomplished. The life and times of Florence Nagle (Sulhamstead)


And for stories and wonderful pictures:

  1. Aldin, Cecil.  Sleeping Partners
  2. Hughes, Julie.  Irish Wolfhound Companions of the Past
  3. van Vliet, Wandruff and Ford.  For the Love of Wolfhounds


Suggestions on books welcome.  Please email Erika